Direct Hire

12 Stones Staffing & Consulting offers our clients high-quality, personalized direct hire placement services. We do the work of finding candidates to help fill our clients’ positions quickly, primarily with candidates who may not be actively seeking new employment. Our dedication to learning the details of our clients’ businesses, from operational procedures to company culture, enables us to supply candidates whose expertise successfully contribute to our client’s bottom-line success.

12 Stones Staffing & Consulting constantly recruits talented, skilled professionals across multiple industries. We develop and maintain relationships with our candidates and encourage them to refer skilled associates to our recruiters. W have built a database of professionals ready to make career transitions as well as locate experienced candidates who are immediately available to fill the needs of our clients.

12 Stones Staffing & Consulting offers a variety of hiring alternatives to ensure our candidate is the right person for our client’s position. Our direct-hire placement option provides candidate and position commitment from the start and comes with the performance guarantee.

We are able to assist companies on their Direct Hire needs on a contingency, retained, or engaged basis. Below you will find details pertaining to all three searches.

Contingency Search:
When a search firm operates on a contingency basis it means 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting will only earn a fee if we are responsible for identifying and presenting the hired candidate to the client.

Retained Search:
This means 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting has structured a contract signed by the client defining what will be provided in the way of outcomes and responsibilities for both the search firm and the client. The contract in a retained search typically calls for exclusivity for 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting. The fee is broken down into installments. The initial portion of the fee known as the “retainer” is due at time of acceptance of the assignment. Often another installment is due within a specified time frame during the search. Regardless of whether a second installment is agreed upon, the final payment is either due within a specific time frame after the new hire’s start date or when the search is concluded in some other fashion by the client.

Engaged Search:
This is a customized and most preferred option. It is a hybrid arrangement taking elements of both the Contingent and Retained arrangements. 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting has the search exclusively. Therefore, the search can be customized to the client organization’s needs, providing a consultative service throughout the process. Under this option, 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting receives a “retainer” fee. However, we will only earn a placement fee if we are responsible for identifying and presenting the hired candidate to the client. The retainer fee is deducted from the total fee at time of hire or fees are reduced off of the standard percentage to take into account the retainer fee under certain arrangements.

Before presenting our clients with possible candidates, 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting learns about our client’s organization so we can identify those individuals with the qualities that will best match the work environment. We conduct in-depth interviews so we can understand the capabilities and interests of our candidates.


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