How can 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting help me?

12 Stones Staffing & Consulting provides direct hire, contract, contract-to-hire, and payrolling services that can help you staff your projects, find a leader, or revitalize your staff with new talent. We also offer many value-added services that can help you manage with your day-to-day hiring work.

How do I start using your service?

Contact your 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting Account Manager – it’s that easy! Contact us now at 205-832-0612.

What are Account Managers? What do they do?

Your Account Manager is your single point of contact for taking advantage of all the services 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting provides. He or she can help you define the specification for a staffing requirement. This may include a process of outlining required skills versus preferred skills; taking into account the availability and pricing of the skill set you seek; and whether the need is for permanent placement or contract consulting engagements.

After you have a firm specification of your staffing requirements, your Account Manager launches the internal search and all 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting recruiters begin working on finding the resources you need. Your Account Manager will do the final screening of all resumes before deciding which ones are the best fit to present to you. When you select candidates you are interested in, your Account Manager sets up interviews, debriefs you and the candidate post-interview, and extends the offer to the candidate you select. Finally, the Account Manager secures a commitment and establishes a start date once the candidate accepts.

How does 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting vet its candidates?

12 Stones Staffing & Consulting has one of the most talented recruiting organizations in the industry. Our Recruiters have industry and technical expertise in their fields. 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting is all about quality and our comprehensive recruiting and screening process is one of the most robust in the industry. Our process includes:

Interviews: phone, in-person, and web-based
Behavioral interviewing
Reference & background checks  – based on client’s requirements
Credit checks & drug screening – based on client’s requirements
Soft-skills assessment
Technical proficiency testing  – based on client’s requirements

How does direct-hire work?

12 Stones Staffing & Consulting will help you build your team one talented individual at a time, while saving you time, money and stress in the process. We will work tirelessly to bring you the best talent the world has to offer.

As a staffing and services leader, 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting places professionals of all experience levels. Our direct hire services deliver the combined benefits of of industry experience, extensive recruiting resources, and highly skilled workforce specialists.

As we do with our contract and contract-to-hire services, we seek to understand our client’s requirements for the particular position. We also strive to understand the culture of our clients as well. 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting understands that the right hire for our clients must have this dual focus.

We treat your business like our own–with integrity and high service-level expectations. Our comprehensive recruiting and screening process includes technology-enabled pre-screening, behavioral interviews, reference and background checks, drug screening, soft-skills assessments and technical-proficiency testing.

We are committed to finding professionals whose technical expertise and industry experience best match your needs and culture. At 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting, we strive to get it right the first time.

How does contract and contract-to-hire services work?

12 Stones Staffing & Consulting staff augmentation services (contract and contract-to-hire) combine our internal talent, recruiting and hiring best practices, powerful systems, industry-leading toolsets, and a passion for excellence. Concentrating on your core business is the top priority. When staffing issues arise, they can be distracting and taxing on your internal resources. We provide assistance to augment your staff with the contingent talent you need, while you maintain the control and flexibility you need to respond to fluctuating market conditions.

At 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting, we offer skilled technology talent that delivers the professional expertise you need, when you need it — from short-term and long-term contract assignments to contract-to-hire and direct-hire placements. We are uniquely structured to recruit, screen, deploy and manage a workforce anywhere in the United States. We offer professionals for every level of your organization, from entry-level to executive.

Who manages your consultants?

The client is responsible for managing the contract consultant’s work on a day-to-day basis. The 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting Account Manager and/or Recruiter stays in touch with both the client and the consultant throughout the engagement to ensure that goals and objectives are being met. It is very important to keep your 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting Account Manager informed of any issues or concerns as they occur. Your Account Manager will also appreciate you sharing any positive feedback about the consultant.

Can we hire your consultants?

Yes, 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting allows our clients to hire our contract consultants. This service is delivered via our contract-to-hire model.

What if I have other questions?

Call (205-832-0612) or email us (info@12stonesstaffing.com)! 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting would love the opportunity to get to know you and see how we can support you.

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