Seeking Employees


Whether your company is in search of employees to add to your payroll or you need temporary or contract hires, 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting goes above and beyond to locate talented and experienced candidates in your area. Our staffing services seek candidates who have a history of perseverance, leadership, and overall excellence to fill the specific positions for your company. No matter the size of the business, 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting offers knowledgeable and well-trained associates to help your company expand cost-effectively and responsibly.

As a client of 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting, your company will receive dedicated and professional service, active communication, accurate information, and a focused approach when finding new members for your staff. We understand the importance of hiring in a timely and efficient manner, and ensure this using our exclusive hiring methods. All applicants must reach the qualifications of your company and 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting before we recommend them to you. Contact 12 Stones Staffing & Consulting for any and all of your contract hire and direct-hire needs by calling (205-832-0612) or emailing (info@12stonesstaffing.com).

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